Top 3 Reasons Your Website Visitors Are Not Converting

Why you should invest in Marketing as a Service in 2020?

What is marketing? In many businesses today, we know the importance of marketing but is marketing actually measurable? Many are asking on how do we measure the KPI of marketing.

As many organizations struggle in finding the proper measurement of these, they are constantly bombarded with new marketing concepts and ideas to generate leads that will eventually increase your sales revenue.

What are the 10 most pressing KPIs of marketing in today’s business?
  1. Sales Revenue

  2. Cost Per Lead

  3. Customer Lifetime Value

  4. Inbound Marketing ROI

  5. Traffic-to-Lead Ratio (New Contact Rate)

  6. Lead-to-Customer Ratio

  7. Landing Page Conversion Rates

  8. Organic Traffic

  9. Social Media Traffic and Conversion Rates

  10. Mobile Traffic, Leads and Conversion Rates

With all these as KPIs, it is starting to look like an organization will need to hire an entire team of specialists. If the team is not performing, then you are stuck with the high overhead cost that doesn’t generate revenue.

Hence is why you should a closer look into Marketing as a Service (MaaS) provider. Looking at the marketing budget, we all debate on what we should spend on and that will provide us with the optimum results.

Instead of hiring talents, why not outsource your marketing KPIs to MaaS providers?

Marketing as a Service is the most cost-effective approach for many organizations as business owners can now pre-determine the KPIs with MaaS providers and have a clearer, professional and strategic approach by marketing specialists.

There’s no one-size-fits-all marketing KPIs. Depending on the nature of your business, your marketing KPI will differ. Have you set your marketing KPI for 2020?

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