Top 3 Reasons Your Website Visitors Are Not Converting

Top 3 Reasons Your Website Visitors Are Not Converting

What about the conversion rate!

Trying to improve your conversion rate on the website? Your SEO Ranking is good, traffic is good but they are leaving without converting?

Why is your traffic not converting? Here are the top 3 reasons why your website visitors are not converting.

1. Build the trust

Just like any relationships, you will need to build trust between your visitors and the brand.

Most visitors look for popular brands before purchasing a product or services online.

Return customers have a certain degree of trust based on their previous experience on your website.

How about first-timers?

There are techniques on what you can do to improve your credibility. Listing customer reviews and affiliation, and including photos or videos of customers using your product will improve the trust towards your brand.

2. Guarantee or fall-back option

Have you received a parcel just to realise that it is broken and felt disappointed that there is no return policy in place? Avoid the same incident happening to your clients.

Always have a safety net for assurance, and to enhance conversion. Little things such as money back guarantee or 14 days refund policy will make a whole lot of difference and enhance conversion.

3. Testing your website contents

One thing is for sure, a creative website does not mean that it will have the highest conversion rate. That being said, visitors want your website to be filled with insightful data or information with a good value proposition. Always stay focused on what message you want to get across to your visitors on the website. Don’t overload them with information, but instead zoom into the products or services which are ‘best selling’ so you have a higher success rate.

We need to also be consistently testing the contents on our website. Best practices can be used as a guide but they are not the best solution for your business as every business is different.

Use simple words which can be easily understood, and continuously test your website contents. Now, there are many tools which can help you to test the different dimensions of your website, such as NexODN and Hotjar.  

All set to increase your conversion rate? Bring it on!