A good UX designed website,
converts your visitors!

When users visit your website, they interact with all the components present on it. To enhance visitor satisfaction, it comes down to User Interface (UI) & User Experience (UX). UI & UX design are not limited to the appearance of your website but focused on the overall user experience of your website. Our UI/UX designers conduct an in-depth research and review on your website to provide you with a better view of opportunities for improvement. We help you to ease your design decisions with concrete recommendations that are aimed to improve usability and accessibility of your website. An user-centric website improves call-to-action rate (CTA), conversion rate and maximize your business ROI.

Mobile Responsive Designs are no longer just trends, It's a Must!

Everyone can go online practically anywhere now due to the ease of smartphones and tablets devices. More than half of the online traffics come from mobile and tablet devices. A Mobile Responsive Website allows your website to adapt to the size of any screen that is being viewed on.

Therefore, Nexus emphasizes on the importance Mobile Responsive Design because if you don’t, the visitor might turn away when they have difficulty in browsing your web page in their devices. With customization, UI / UX mobile responsive website fits perfectly in any screen despite any kind of devices the user is utilizing.

Start your transition to Mobile Responsive Website today and gain more traffic!

UI-UX Design questions that you might be curious about

A great UI & UX Development Agency would understand your business goals, product and services. We would then prepare the proposal accordingly and advise you on the implementation of UI & UX interface. After implementation, we would test, tweak, and test again until the website are fully functional and interactive for your target audience.
Our professional UI & UX designers would come out with the design based on your requirement such as the layout, the colour, the logo and etc. The design caters to your needs and business goals, and taking into consideration of user experience of your website.
The mock up design is presented in a jpeg file format for clients to review before proceeding to website development stage.
We provides two times amendments during the mock up stage and three times amendments during website development stage.
Our project manager works closely with you to understand the target audience, business direction and online brand identity before coming out the most suitable design that meets different online requirements with our UI/UX designers.