Video Marketing : A Storytelling Approach

Video Marketing : A Storytelling Approach

Reminiscing the commercials and clips you have watched in the past, which one(s) are still residing in your memory? Thailand ads perhaps? Or videos that triggered you sympathetic instinct? It is no surprise that we tend to remember or even name videos that integrate storytelling as a communication tool with audience. Human are social creatures; people are allured to stories; and we relate to each other.

So Why Storytelling is more effective? It fundamentally ties back with human’s basic trait – emotion. When a person is exposed to information conveyed via storytelling, it evokes neurological response in them. Stories activate various senses in the brain, allowing viewers to imagine the story into their own ideas. This process not only shackles viewers’ curiosity throughout the video duration, but also serves as a more relaxing way for businesses to tell their audiences who they are. As a result, the cognitive response elicited indirectly shapes consumers’ buying behavior. In essence, a story comes in recognizable sequences – exposition, rising action, climax, falling action and denouement. Ads that employ Freytag’s Pyramid to tell a story are likely to perform better.

Stories that are personal and emotionally compelling engage more of the brain, and thus are better remembered, than simply stating a set of facts.

While storytelling requires a little more work than other types of commercial videos. Such approach could yield positive benefits when done right:

• It hits the emotional quotient. Humans have feelings. Tackle them right at their heart, and you could potentially turn them into your patrons, or even instill a new social norm.

• They create memories. It doesn’t have to be a tear-jerking Oscar-worthy epic, what matters is strategically addressing the right issues. Once people feel it, they will remember, at least for some time.

• It is the perfect platform to communicate your personality. Doesn’t it look smooth and just a right fit adding an inspirational storytelling element in your video as a way to introduce your business identity?

• People still love stories. From kids to elderly’s, who doesn’t love a compelling piece of tale?

• Oh and if your video is inspirational, hilarious, sorrowful or horrifying enough, it could go viral. Maybe…

Take a look at some great storytelling ads :

Sainsburry’s Christmas Advert


John Lewis’s Christmas Advert

Storytelling may be perceived as an old-fashioned technique. However, it is amidst the overwhelmingly commercialized marketing tactics used today that makes stories so powerful. They are meant to bring forth the human side of marketing. Data can be convincing, but a story can go where quantitative modus operandi is denied admission : our hearts.

Wrap your vision in story, and let imagination takes the ride.