How Videos Boost your SEO

Digital marketing continues to evolve and expand over the past few years. Video has become more than just a marketing tool in today’s era. When you do that properly, you’ll get fresh SEO juice flow to your website and increase your PageRank.
There have few ways of video to improve on SEO strategy

#1Rank Higher in SERPs
In July 2014, Google announced their Hummingbird algorithm to put more weight on video content and to make it appear even more often. Google tends to prioritize video snippets from YouTube as opposed to other video hosting platforms. So the better the quality of video content, the bigger the chances to build a trusting relationship with your audience and increase the conversions.

#2Link Building
Video is a good resource especially when you want to engage in link building, build credibility, and develop your brand. There are a lot of video-hosting platforms that can share videos publicly. Youtube is one of the most powerful platforms and high domain authority website owned by Google. You can add in your website address in the video description to increase engagement and shareability of any piece of content.

#3Reduce Bounces Rate
Bounce rate is the percentage of people who have landed on your website and left (or bounced) without interacting with it, therefore higher bounce rate of the website is a bad news for your business. By putting a video on your landing page, it can easily grab your visitor’s attention, but it does not mean that you should put a random video that is not related. According to the content analytics reports, it shows that bounce rate for video blogs is 34 percent lower than the rest of the site on average. Like a business commercial video, which tells your visitors what you do and how your product/services solve their problem in less than 2 minutes.

#4Highly Shareable
Make your videos shareable, likable, and most importantly, relatable to your audience. When the video is shared and viewed on multiple platforms, it helps in building quality backlinks, which helps in increasing your videos social relevance and domain’s strength, resulting in better SEO.

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