What is Quality Score & Why Does It Matter?

What is Quality Score & Why Does It Matter?

If you are an advertiser on Google Ads, you’ve come across many advise to check on your Quality Score. Since the rollout of this in 2017, many are still find this as mysterious information. Allow us to clarify and emphasize the importance of Quality Score in your campaigns

Source: Google Support

As per the definition, there are a few key elements that contribute to this scoring by Google. On the scale of 1-10, the Quality Score will give you an aggregated estimate of the performance as well as your bid price for the keyword.

So now, the factors that contribute to Quality Score includes the following:

  1. Quality of your Landing Pages
  2. Ad Relevance
  3. Expected ClickThrough Rate

Wait a minute,
what happened to keywords? Isn’t Quality Score an estimate of my ads, keywords, and landing pages as per definition?

YES, it is.

But note that keywords are determined by the objective of your ad. As the Quality Score is measured against the keywords of your ad group, the factors stated above are direct factors that contribute to it.

Now that we know what Quality Score is, what does it mean to have NULL Quality Score? This occurs in instances where the keyword targeted doesn’t have enough impression for Google to give you a scoring.  

Why is my Quality Score for the same keyword different for ad groups and across different campaigns? Remember the factors that contribute to Quality Score?

As your ad relevance, creatives, targeting, landing page and other factors may vary for different ad groups and campaigns, the aggregate will also change. 

What does that mean to you as an advertiser? Why Does it Matter? 

With Higher Quality Score, your cost-per-click is lower, hence your cost-per-conversion is much lower. 

In other words, with Higher Quality Score, you are able to stretch your marketing spending and improve your cost-per-lead. 

Still not convinced?