What’s New With LinkedIn in 2019

What’s New With LinkedIn in 2019

LinkedIn is all about building networks and connections. Being a B2B go-to platform, majority number of users are professionals from large corporations and SME industries.

By reaching out and making connections with them, you will notice how this provides the opportunity for brands to grow and reach out to an even larger prospect.

While LinkedIn can grow your brand, it is also a top-rated social network used to increase website traffic and lead generation in the business.

Hence, why the platform is considered expandable with new and emerging trends for marketing purposes.


LinkedIn Updates in 2018

Before we jump into what’s trending in LinkedIn for 2019, let’s take a look at the changes that were made in the previous year.

Multiple reports show how LinkedIn had gone through several changes of improvement in 2018. 

Among the few reportings indicate how LinkedIn added a new user interface; changing the way text displays when posting links, incorporating GIF with messaging and many more. 

One of the biggest updates mentioned was to add native video features for company pages which increases the opportunity for ad targeting and live video to reach a broader crowd.

It was also indicated that LinkedIn was also optimizing video content for mobile feeds as most of their content is viewed from mobile devices instead of desktop or other digital sources.

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LinkedIn Trends in 2019

Similar to the Internet, LinkedIn as a digital platform constantly revolves around new updates and changes.

Based on that understanding and observation, our team has measured suggestive ways to maximize the platform’s features to reach business and marketing expectations.

Among the few suggested measures include:

  • Focus on delivering a more customer-centric approach
  • Build natural prominence through native advertising
  • Prioritize natural language processing for voice search marketing
  • Place a great emphasis on customer experience for experiential marketing
  • Concentrate on making more short and interactive video content

The suggested measures above would be able to help your brand push its way through to become more prominent in LinkedIn for 2019.


Start Exploring Now

Truth is, an effective LinkedIn marketing strategy does not just center around trends, but it is well equipped with best practices and performance to ensure the brand’s objectives are fully rolled out.

Our good suggestion would be to remind all marketers to ensure that their engagement in posting schedules are up-to-date and consistent throughout their planning.

In the case, if you are looking to leverage LinkedIn for business purposes, find us to guide you on how to start your creative journey here.