Wondering Why You Should Invest a Mobile Friendly Website?

Wondering Why You Should Invest a Mobile Friendly Website?

What is a Mobile Friendly Website?

Being mobile friendly does not simply imply that your site can be seen on mobile devices. A mobile-friendly site ought to be design particularly for smaller screens, allowing simple route via larger touch-screen buttons, and just show relevant data and content for the clients’ needs.

Here is an example of mobile friendly website:


Individuals accessing sites by using mobile devices would prefer not to invest a long time searching for what they require. If the experience the client has is speedy and simple, or even less demanding than getting to the site via their PC, they will use this method again.

  • 86% of Smartphone Users Research Products and Prices on Mobile

71% of Malaysians (which is 21.7 million individuals) possess a mobile device. This implies that each adult claims a mobile device and some even convey more than one devices. Furthermore, as indicated by Google Research, 86% of smartphone clients research items and costs on mobile before making a decision.


In the latest statistics released by Google Research on Malaysia’s Mobile Search showed that 52% of people in Malaysia are using their mobile phones to search, whereas, 36% of computers or laptops, and 12% on tablets. This makes it an amazing 64% of searches performed on mobile devices (both phone and tablet).

  • You may experience penalized by Google:


However, numerous sites still use content, pictures, and route structures that simply don’t function well on mobile devices. Clients can just see those sites appropriately by using a desktop or laptop’s’ screen, and smartphones browsers wind up with an unsatisfying experience.

If you don’t have a mobile responsive site, they will either “bounce” to another site meaning a High Bounce Rate, or they will rapidly click “back” or search for other locales, which means a Low Click Back Time. Therefore, Google will perceive that and be less inclined to show it as a legitimate search result. Google wouldn’t carry out its job if most of the outcomes showed were pointless to mobile clients. Google will likely expand search traffic, including mobile search traffic, and you can use to your advantage by hopping on board.

  • You’ll lose business:

You’ve presumably as of now seen a decrease in business if you using only a standard site. If not, go mobile friendly before you do. Most aren’t yet to ditch their desktops or laptops for their mobile devices, yet an expanding number are. Give your clients what they need with fast loading pages, simple route, and a streamlined site with awesome content and incredible products. Grasp that growing number of clients who use mobile devices frequently.

Keep Google happy, as well, do not risk yourself of “disappearing” from search lists. Try not to ignore your clients or potential clients, because your opposition will be just excessively glad to serve them.