Analytic Services

"Why do my sales grow so badly, even I had invested a lot of money?"

We look into the Google Analytic data and performance to derive insights and figure out which method and platform work the best for your website. It is a great tool to understand consumer behavior and turn them into your loyal customer. Without professional knowledge of interpreting the data, it leads to higher chance of misinterpretation which ends up hurting your business.

Don’t let this be you! At Nexus Mediawork, we provide Analytics Consulting Service and allow our experts to analyze your data and translate it into a simple version that you ever need to improve your business.
Analytic Services

How Nexus help you

  • Google Analytics Audit
  • Strategic Google Analytics Setup
  • Custom User Behavior Tracking
  • Website Relaunch Analysis
  • Monthly Analytics Support
  • Universal Analytics Migration Support

Analytics questions that you might be curious about

A professional analytic services will be upfront and transparent with data they obtained. It is a crucial step to find out the source of the problems within your online marketing efforts. At Nexus Mediawork, we come up with proposal and strategy to help you to achieve business goals, whether is to drive traffic or conversion. We are a data-driven agency and committed to help our client to solve any digital marketing issues.
Google analytic is free but dealing with too much data without understanding could lead to misinterpretation, it could do more harm than good to your business. With our professionalism, we could manage your Google Analytic account and optimize your website to ensure you get the information you needed to improve your website and optimize it to generate the best result.
Google Analytics improves your SEO by tracking SEO metrics such as organic traffic, page-specific monitoring, bounce rate, internal site search and etc. All these metrics help to determine whether your SEO is doing well. Plus, by knowing which metrics are having the problem, we use it to improve your website and SEO.
It is important because Google Analytic allows you to track many important metrics, covering all aspects. You are able to monitor the effectiveness of your online marketing strategies, onsite content, user experience, device functionality. By knowing precisely what are your website visitors like and dislike about your site, it could help you to improve and achieve your overall business goals.