The Importance Of Communication Between Clients And Their Digital Agency



Most businesses, be it SME or corporate has begun to jump into the digital marketing scene. However, not many business owners or decision maker has the knowledge of digital marketing. Many choose to enter the scene as traditional advertising is losing its market share and they deem entering digital marketing “the right thing to do” or “the right move for my business”. As a result, business owner chooses to let the professional digital marketer handle their online advertising campaign. The key to any successful outsourcing of such is the communication between the corporation and their digital marketing agency.

Digital marketing agency needs to have a complete and full understanding of their client’s marketing objectives. What is it that they wish to achieve by entering the digital advertising scene? Do they want to be the market leader in their segment in terms of branding? Or they want to gain quality leads and traffic into their website? Or they want to build a strong and constant relationship with their current clientele? Laying down the objective is crucial in ensuring the KPI is met. With so many elements under digital marketing, a smooth communication between client and their agency will ensure that their digital marketing effort is bringing them the result they aim in achieving at the very beginning.

Strong and clear communication needs to build between the client’s marketing person in charge and their digital marketing agency. A responsible digital agency takes on the full responsibility to ensure smooth communication with their client. They ought to educate their client on the different platform of online marketing and which channel is the best to help them achieve their desired outcome. For instance, an online jewellery store which to sustain a strong relationship with their current clientele. Social media will be the most suitable platform to help them achieve this outcome. They need to have a strong and constant communication with their current client base. Frequent updates on their social media pages consisting latest edition of the jewellery store, ongoing promotion, visual sample and youtube video of how to pair the latest season jewellery. These content are important to build a strong relationship with the client current client-base and will help tremendously in building a strong word-of-mouth in the digital world. With clear communication and understanding of client’s objective, a digital agency will be able to suggest the client the right platform and execution to help achieve their initial goal.

Communication is the key to any successful digital campaign. Strong communication needs to be built from the very beginning of a client – digital agency relationship. Only by laying down and truly understanding a client’s objective, a digital agency will be able to deliver significant results to the client’s campaign.

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