SEO vs Rankbrain

Hi AI, we are keeping our jobs.

Artificial intelligence (AI) is everywhere! All the way from Siri to Amazon to Netflix. It ultimately makes completing our tasks more efficient. But, is this technology replacing our jobs?

Well, no.

One thing is for sure, AI can not replicate a human’s creativity – yes!

The relationship between AI & SEO

One area of digital marketing which is heavily affected by AI, is Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). Human programmers create algorithms that learn from the data, known as ‘Machine Learning’. It will affect site visibility and the influence of such will only increase in the future. Thus, marketers should always keep an eye on the latest SEO trends to be on top not wiped out from the market.

Google introduced a machine learning algorithm called RankBrain on 26 October 2015. It is Google’s third most important ranking signal. Google developers use it to monitor search result and tweak algorithms to suit Search needs as they go. SEO experts then try to reverse-engineer each algorithm to achieve a better position for their content.

With the invention of RankBrain, nobody will know why a particular content is ranked up or down. RankBrain will continuously test and refine the settings based on individual user behaviour.

So what does this mean?

Traditional SEO strategies like keyword list and backlinks are losing its effectiveness.

What matters now will be those related to user activity:

  1. Time spent on page
  2. Scroll depth
  3. Pogo sticking
  4. Bounce rate

Content is King!

Any sign which indicates how your user finds your content – be it valuable or not, is now an SEO indicator. SEO and content creators need to work hand in hand to create contents that meet specific search needs, targeting a specific audience and is compelling to read.

Some of you might think that RankBrain is killing SEO. You’re wrong!

SEO is not dying.

It’s evolving! We have to be more human than we have ever been in marketing.

How Nexus capitalises on RankBrain for SEO?

We keep our content highly relevant

You already get the gist. RankBrain loves content that resonates to the searchers’ need. As Google understands search queries better, if your content is irrelevant to the targeted keywords, your page might not be ranked at all.

Make use of relevant keywords

With RankBrain, longtail, natural and conversational keywords are favoured. We need to optimise the content with relevant keywords in mind. We might mix the primary keywords with more natural keywords or phrases that are used in searches. Exploring  Google search console or Google Analytics data is one of our way of discovering relevant keywords that can be included in the content.

We make our content easier to understand

Google will only feature the content in Google Knowledge Graph if and only if Google understands the content completely. So, what do we do? We use what Google loves the most. Tables, bullet points and subheadings. Google can understand easily as long as the data is structured. We adhere to the rule that natural language should be used so that the content will be picked up by Google in RankBrain era.

Bottom line, Google is prioritising quality content that is relevant to users’ search query.

The invention of RankBrain is doing a great job keeping black hat SEO practitioners out of the game, giving quality search results to users.

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